Hello all. I’ve spent most of a night moving my blog over to wordpress and tweaking it to my idiotic sense of perfection; not because this was a great idea, but because I’d never do it otherwise. It was something I needed to do, not only because I needed to stretch beyond the limits of a tumblr, but also because I need to challenge myself to do something difficult.

That something is the reason this blog exists. I’m challenging myself to make a whole, finished game once a month. That seems rather impossible to me right now, and I’ll probably fail. My plan is that the public promise of such an outlandish goal will motivate me to actually make something and put it out there, whether it’s rubbish or not. Plus, the time constraint forces me to finish something and move on, rather than my usual habit of “think about it for about 2 weeks, scribble some lines on a sheet of note paper and never look at it again”.

Since the month of January is already mostly over, I’ll be finishing a partly-done text adventure of mine this month. My plan is to post weekly updates on my progress. This is all rather rushed because I’ve thought about doing this for some weeks without acting on it because I’ve given myself time to procrastinate. SO, the goal with this is to put my intentions out there, forcing me to follow through on my plans.

I’ve also moved my idiotic ramblings from my former blog over here, in order to further burden the thinking (and/or not) minds of the internet with their presence. BECAUSE I CAN.

Sleep beckons. Goodnight.