I’m having a lot of fun (and getting more productive) making applescripts for use in Alfred. This one took minutes to make this morning, and yet the function it performs seems like a no-brainer.

All the extension does is close all safari windows except the one you’re working in (i.e, the one you have in front). This is really handy if you’re downloading a lot of files from a site like mediafire and each link you click opens up a new pop-up (the kind that Safari’s pop-up blocker seems completely oblivious to), or if you simply have way, way to many windows open and want to free up some ram quickly. I use the keyword “cab” (Close All But this window), but you might find that hard to remember. It’s easy to change.

Also, I made an icon, because it annoys me when extensions don’t have those. I hope you find this handy!

Download the extension here!