Most robots only use one type of locomotion. They fly through the air (raining death from above, in the case of US military drones), swim through the seas, like the Sharkbot or this robotic jellyfish, orcrawlrun, and roll across the earth. However, the Daler—Deployable air land exploration robot—uses "adaptive morphology" to master the skies and the earth. It has a wingspan of 60cm, and using its battery-powered "Whegs"—wheel-legs—can fly for 30 minutes or walk for an hour

I bet in the next few years we’re going to see a quantum leap in battery technology- whether it comes from lithium air or something else, our technology is being hamstrung by our limited ability to cram a lot of energy in a small space. Somebody will figure this out, and when they do it’ll open up a ton of possibilities, from smaller devices with more pixels to search & rescue robots that we can actually use. (From Ars Technica)