Here's some things I think are awesome and you should totes check out. (note: this isn't an inclusive list of everything I think is awesome; just stuff that needs more love than it gets)

Software (all OSX/Unix only)

Acorn - image editor, not too expensive, clean and simple, gets most of the job done (though if you’re making web images you should run them through something like Grunt before publishing.) You’ll need something else for SVG, though; I like Sketch, but I don’t know that I’d necessarily recommend it as it often falls short of what I want.</p>

Dash - I don't think I could calculate how much time dash has saved me. Makes the usually annoying task of searching docs fast and fun.

Atom - webkit-based editor! So trendy! I like to roll the packages atom-color-highlight, autocomplete-plus, autocomplete-paths and file-icons.

1Password - please, please use a password manager. It'll make everyone's life easier, especially yours. 1Password is totes the bestest.

Gulp - open source workflow automation; like Grunt, but more programatic and less JSON-y. I like it. Performance advantage is moot, frankly.

Reeder - great RSS apps. - smart. speed. I am like a that guy from alphas that moves super fast because of his metabolism thing.

Divvy, Bartender, FlycutAlfred, Caffeine  - totally awesome utilities.

And I'm also reverse-plugging Skype. It's just, ugh, it's the worst. Seriously, most whales design better interfaces. In their sleep.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - dark, academic, daily</p>

Dinosaur comics - light, goofy, nerdy, almost daily

Awkward Zombie - awwwwwkwaaaaaard. No, it's great.

Blogs & News Sites - design and web development links, every day.</p>

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - 90% of my gaming news.


Nathan Grayson - formerly of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, now working for Kotaku. Gawkerspiracy, etc.</p>

Paul Kilduff-Taylor - creator of Frozen Synapse. Delightful indie man. Brit.

Kirk Hamilton - lover of music and games, consistently amiable and cool.

Chris Pruett - just a regular indie developer who wrote an entire website about horror games. Very cool guy.

Tom Francis - creator of gunpoint, floating point, and many good points on the Crate and Crowbar podcast.

Dan Marshall - flippant.

Chris Coyier - the CSS Tricks guy.

Dave Rupert - the other guy on ShopTalk.

Free Resources

FlatIcon - SVG hnnnngh</p> - all the sounds, for free. - so much royalty-free music my brain hurts.


Every single one of these is games you should pay money for and play because they are all wonderful and super the best:</p>

Kentucky Route Zero - this game isn't even done yet, and already it's one of my favorite games. Read this. If you aren't sure if this is your thing, play this first. Play it anyway; it's also awesome.

The Stanley Parable - please give this man all the money so he can keep making dumb crap like this. Also, he stopped tweeting, which is so sad.


Oh No! Video games! - a podcast about… video games. Their Patreon promos are the best thing. They also sometimes talk about netrunner.</p>

The Jeff and Casey Show - a show ostensibly about... um... a show put on by programmers about... stuff. Never really cover any topics. They spent an hour and 30 minutes summarizing Transformers 4. So yea. It's great.

ShopTalk Show - all about front-end web development. Nerdy. This is the best episode.

The Crate and Crowbar - the white mens discuss the video games. Alcohol is consumed. Puns are made. Headcrabs are (presumably) not harmed in the making.

Hardcore History - almost never posts podcasts, but when he does, it's glorious. Also has a fantastic backlog to listen to if you have infinite time.

Other - awesome cyberpunk images tumblr.</p> - episodes to skip.