This page is woefully out of date. Pardon my dust.

Skills can be complicated to measure and judge. The way I’ve chosen to break it down is by percentage of my time and focus, and then overall skill. The “overall” metric is relative to the very best, most highly skilled and effective person in the field. (Last updated: November 2014)



Entry-Level With Real-World Experience


25% CSS: Sass, Unsemantic, Bourbon.
25% JS: Node.js, Grunt, Gulp, jQuery
20% PHP: WordPress, From-scratch
20% HTML
10% Other: Bash, C

I’ve worked on dozens of websites with all kinds of different needs, including eCommerce, business directories, interactive restaurant menus, and photography sites. I have worked mostly with WordPress, although I can build a from-scratch website just as well. I care deeply about web standards and accessibility, and value content and message more highly than feel. I tend to use command-line tools over GUI tools and prefer open to closed. Performance is a special passion of mine; if you ask me, speed is as key to a website as appearance or UX. I have also recently been learning C and have already written several utilities in it.

Professional Skills


Strong Communicator & Team Player


50% Working in a professional environment
20% Managing projects
15% Leadership role
15% Presenting & training

I work well with others and thrive in an environment where the people I work with are smarter and more experienced than me. I’m willing and quick to learn and readily admit when I don’t know how to do something. I’m able to articulate complex technical concepts in ways that can be understood by “normals” as well as coherently describe the reasons for my approaches & opinions. I have experience managing projects and team members, and have even done group training sessions.



Occasional Pastime


60% Web & UI design
40% Sketching

I’ve done art classes in middle/high school, and understand the fundamentals of motion & the human form. I like to sketch, be it figures in motion, cartoon characters or small objects. I’ve worked closely with several designers, and that can’t help but rub off on you. I’ve learned many things about visual balance, color selection and thinking like the user. My focus is on user experience and ease of use more than aesthetics.